PTL ( Plastique Technique Lorrain ) is an european player in conception, industrialization and manufacturing of products in plastic materials. Expert in injection, PTL is a company with human scale, reactive and is engaged with their customers.

The values that defines PTL’s identity are :

  1. Their customers commitment
    • A capacity of adaptation an every customer is fundamental, bringing know-how and flexibility, placing the customers at the core of our concerns is part of our DNA.
  2. The exigency
    • The code of conduct may guarantee exchanges reliability, insitute and make durable trust relationship are building the values of PTL.
  3. Cohesion and team spirit
    • PTL is in a way of continual cohesion around progress and excellence, sharing a same identity and same spirit level.
Plastique Technique Lorrain

A complete solution
From the development to the production