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Prix Best Project Launch Supplier 2019
It is with honor that PTL has been awarded as « Best Project Launch Supplier 2019 » from his customer Samvardhana Motherson Reydel Companies, a high satisfaction and source of pride for all the teams to share this success !
New presse 1300 T
New injection machine ENGEL Duo 1300 T bi injection offering many options and also magnetic trays, equipped with a ENGEL robot 5 numerical axis that allow the production of very technical pieces in 2K with weak thicknesses and also the injection of traditional parts in one material.
2019 starts with the receipt of a new injection machine DEMAG 420 T forecasted for technical parts, equiped with control camera. This machine will complete our high tonnage level.
Impression 3 D
NOUVEAU : Plastique Technique Lorrain propose un service de prototypage rapide en fabrication additive (impression 3D)
Platique Technique Lorrain obtain certification ISO 9001 & IATF 16949, Quality standard recognized in the automotive management system, key passport to perfom on automotive markets.
Plastique Technique Lorrain

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