Overmoulding 2K : Bi-material equipments : overmoulding of metallic inserts or 2 different raw material injected : hard & soft.

Assembly: Welding means like US welding , or friction.

Tools expertise and support with our toolmakers, through CAO or moldflow analyses, in order to ensure the tools functionality and responding to our customers requirements.


Overmoulding process:
Bi-material equipments : inserts overmolding processes or hard and soft materials overmolded.


Assembly :
We use welding means like US welding, vibration or friction.

Types of Welding processes

US Welding
Procedure used mainly for the assembly of two pieces, upon heat staking. (blade or stock)
Vibration welding
This welding operation is used for assembly two pieces with significant surfaces, through friction that creates warm-up, and consequently make a fusion of the two pieces.


Concept contribution:
Technical expertise is given by concept defintions of injection tools we build with our toolmakers, through software 3D, Moldflows analyse, to ensure functionality in line with customers exigencies.
Plastique Technique Lorrain

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